We are a movement of frustrated Chicago commuters. Throughout the pandemic, the Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA's) service has worsened significantly. The agency has failed to inform riders about the decreased frequency of buses and trains, while bus and rail operator work conditions have gotten worse. CTA's leadership, headed by president Dorval Carter, keeps a dishonest and misleading tone about what's happening at the agency. Commuters Take Action's goal is to keep putting pressure on the CTA and city officials to start caring about one of our city's greatest assets - its transit system!

Our Demands

  • Accurate tracker and schedules

  • Transparent hiring and fair working conditions

  • Provide a plan to return to and improve on normal services with KPI’s, a timeline, and equal execution across neighborhoods

We are

  • Pro Rider

  • Pro Operator

  • Pro Reliability

  • Anti Board Inaction

We are honored to have received the Advocate of the Year award from Active Transportation Alliance 🎉

Big thanks to everyone for their continued support, and we'll keep fighting for better public transit!

Read more on ATA's website: here and here

Commuters Take Action "I'm Late" rally, 9/14/2022

Video courtesy of John Greenfield, Streetsblog Chicago

How Can You Help?

  • Keep spreading the word about Commuters Take Action and keep submitting late bus/train reports

  • Send a letter to the mayor: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/commuters-take-action

  • Keep submitting feedback forms to transitchicago.com/feedback/ , attend one of the "Ask CTA" events and/or submit a letter to CTA Board meeting. Although it seems like these avenues are being largely ignored.

    • Tips on how to present at the CTA Board meetings here

  • Contact your elected officials - alders, congressmen, mayor's office and others. City elections are coming up, so vote for candidates that prioritize transit.

  • Don't take out your frustration on your bus and train operators. They're getting shafted by management just as much as riders, and it's not their fault.

  • We're fundraising at https://cash.app/$CommutersTakeAction

We're looking for more folks to join the group:

Contact Us

You can also reach us via Twitter DM @ctaaction